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History of Our School

        In 1750 − a very long time ago,a missionary and a teacher, Christian Frederick Schwartz came to India to work in the Danish Mission at Tranquebar.Due to his own personal charm, genius and integrity, soon he became a trusted envoy to the court of Princes ,both hostile and friendly. He even helped in the training and education of Serfogee Rajah, the adopted son of the Tanjore Raja Tuljagee.

        In 1763, a gunpowder magazine in the Trichinopoly Rock Fort exploded, killing some of the European and Indian soldiers. The soldiers in the garrison collected a sum of 600 pagodas which was given to the Rev.C.F.Schwartz to look after the fatherless children.Schwartz was given a sum of money by the Nawab and this enabled him to support a School master and 10 children, and also to give instructions and necessary books to several others. This was the origin of what was to be the Vestry School.


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